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Interactive LIVE online workshops that give you practical, actionable strategies and over-the-shoulder training to produce real results without the fluff.

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Hyper-training sessions packed with expert knowledge.

We like to call it ‘hyper’ training because we cram so much value into each session, your mind will be flowing with possibilities and ideas, ready to take action and make an impact in your business.

Online training for entrepreneurs and creators, lead by expert mentors.

Brilliant Clients Sold Out

A 3-week, 6-session workshop teaching coaches and consultants how to grow their practices virtually.

Starts April 20, 2020
Search Finding & acquiring clients
Sort#1 Selling & closing strategies
Dollar Retaining & managing clients

Sales Copywriting New

A 2-week, 4-session workshop teaching the in’s and out’s of writing persuasive sales copy for your products or services.


Persuasion without the hype

Powerful offer headlines & CTA's that sell


Copy-and-paste Swipe Templates

Brilliant Funnels New

A 2-week, 4-session workshop teaching the in’s and out’s of digital sales funnels + the tools to build them.


Route Funnel blueprints
Dollar Conversion Techniques
Settings#4 Tools & automation

Traffic Jetpack New

A workshop filled with traffic generation techniques to drive new customers and clients to your site.

Door-open Proven website traffic methods
Interselect Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads
Chart-line#1 Tools to track and optimize

Course Jumpstart New

A workshop to build your first online course from start to finish and the tools to speed up the process.

Menu Curriculum design
Puzzle LMS Platforms & Plugins
Youtube Video production & editing

Content Marketing New

A project-driven workshop to build your own content marketing blog for inbound leads and ranking in Google.

Library Sourcing content
Layout-arrange Organic SEO techniques
Scale Traffic generation

Be ahead of the curve

It’s critical to be forward-thinking in your business. Be a step ahead by learning the latest strategies, cutting-edge technology, and tactics that are working in today’s world of entrepreneurship.

What Sets Us Apart

Partipate from any device
We make it easy to access the workshop training with no downloading of any software. All you need is an internet browser.
Each session is live. Interact with the instructor, ask questions, and chat with fellow students in real-time. Workshops are designed to be fun!
When the workshop ends, the learning doesn't. We email you to check in on your progress, and send you additional tips and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since our live sessions are interactive and action-oriented, we encourage you to attend as many of them as possible. However, we understand that sometimes live can get in the way. You’ll have access to recordings of everything, so if you miss a session you can go back and watch the replay to catch up.

Each workshop has different dates that the training takes place, so please check the individual workshop page for details on when each of the sessions will be. Enrolment typically opens a week before the start date of the first workshop session.

If you miss the enrolment period then you will not be able to join that particular workshop. We don't want students joining part-way through a workshop once it has started because everyone in the workshop progresses through it at the same pace so that we can enjoy the learning journey together.

Workshops are typically 1-2 sessions each week. A session usually lasts up to 2 hours. Beyond the live sessions, you will also be given bite-size activity work to complete so that you take action and make progress.

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