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As a coach or consultant, you deal with a variety of clients. Some you love working with, and some… not so much. While you try to screen clients as best you can, there is always the chance that you’ll run into difficult client situations. Client relationships can sometimes start out great, but then take a turn for the worse.

If you’re a freelancer hired to do a project for your client, maybe you love the project and enjoy putting your skills to use but the client is proving to be a problem.

Client emailing or texting you about work on weekends?

Unrealistic turnaround times?

Client wanting you to do extra work or adding small extra tasks you didn’t agree to? 

Whatever the case,  you’re not alone.

Every service provider has a client problem at some time or another. The important thing is to handle it gracefully, so you can continue to have a good working relationship. 

Retained, loyal clients are more profitable.

In fact, Harvard Business Review found that for the typical business, “a 5% increase in customer retention translates to anywhere between a 25-95% increase in profits”.

They have a higher lifetime value, make more purchases, spend more per purchase, are more accepting of price increases, and bring more business to you by referring more people.

Clearly, the solution is to keep your existing clients happy, even through tough situations that may arise. 


The “Handling Difficult Client Situations” Workshop

This 80-minute workshop was part of a live, paid webinar to a private group of entrepreneurs and will provide you with possible solutions to these scenarios, as well as various response swipes you can use when encountering these common client problems. As a BC Stack buyer, you get access to the downloadable video replay that you can watch on-demand from the comfort of your own home. (Value: $97)

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You also get access to my “Handy Client Replies Swipe Kit” with 13 e-mail templates you can use with your clients. (Value: $39)

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With his unique combination of design, user experience and technical knowledge, Chad has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide to build their audience, accelerate growth, and increase revenue using proven marketing strategies.

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