Want to keep your client pipeline full?

This online 6-part live workshop will provide you with proven insider strategies, techniques, and tools that you can implement in your business to help you find, close, and manage clients virtually.

Hyper-training sessions packed with expert knowledge.

We like to call it ‘hyper’ training because we cram so much value into each session, your mind will be flowing with possibilities and ideas, ready to take action and make an impact in your business.

Calling All Freelancers, Coaches and Consultants!

People with a service business are always challenged by the demands of working with current clients vs. looking for new ones.

With our lives (and businesses) impacted by coronavirus COVID-19, it’s difficult to keep yourself focused on filling your client funnel with new leads and prospects.

Creativity is in a slump.

You have other responsibilities calling for your attention.

Revenue is down. New clients are scarce.

Taking a peek at your bank account is enough to bring on an anxiety attack!

You start to experience that sinking feeling of a business that’s trending downward.

You know you have to fill your pipeline of new clients, but you find it impossible to concentrate and aren’t sure where to start.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re often so busy with the clients that you just don’t have the time or energy left to do any marketing or prospecting…. or even think about it!

You haven’t figured out how to manage the juggling act of working vs prospecting.

You feel uncomfortable with the idea of ‘selling’.

You tend to give away a lot of free advice… and then feel bitter about it.

You find yourself taking on any client willing to pay, and more often than not it’s a client you don’t enjoy working with.

Your clients use up all your energy to the point where you don’t have time to prospect for new ones. 


What if you had a host of 100% digital-based tactics at your fingertips that you could pick and choose from to find new clients and increase revenue?

What if you had the motivation to put the necessary systems in place to bring in new clients virtually?

Without meeting anyone in person.

Without cold calling leads. 

I want you to steal my methods…

I’ve been running a digital marketing agency for over a decade, working with hundreds of clients worldwide to accelerate the growth of their businesses and drive new customers to their virtual doorstep.

With everything going on in the world right now due to COVID-19, there is a dire need for methods to increase revenue, find new business, and make sales quickly. 

So I compiled a 6-part workshop that I think you’ll enjoy and be able to take action on. It’s is my opportunity to share the proven strategies, techniques, and tools with you that I’ve used in my own practice. 

I’ll also provide you with additional resources and cheat sheets to help you implement and take action as soon as possible.

Online training for entrepreneurs and creators, lead by an expert mentor.




A jam-packed 6-session online workshop teaching coaches and consultants how to grow their practices virtually.

What you’ll learn

This jam-packed 6-session online workshop teaches coaches and consultants how to grow their practices virtually.


Session #1

April 20, 2020

Positioning & Recon

We start out by making sure your brand messaging and how you're positioning yourself is attracting the perfect client for your business.

  • Making a powerful and trustworthy first impression
  • How to clearly articulate what you offer
  • Attracting quality clients
  • Knowing exactly what your clients want
  • Overcoming the fear of selling yourself

Session #2

April 22, 2020

Finding & Acquiring

You should always be searching for new clients and on the lookout for new opportunities. This practical session covers tactics you can put to use right away.

  • Keeping the pipeline full
  • Proven tactics to find new clients without meeting in-person
  • How to choose which client-attraction tactics to use
  • Secrets to more (and better) client referrals
  • Tools & services that bring clients to you

Session #3

April 27, 2020

Selling Without Being 'Salesy'

No one likes a pushy salesperson who won't take 'no' for an answer. We'll explore how to take a value-first approach that will change the way you look at selling.

  • Sales approaches that work
  • Crafting strategy sessions that convert
  • The follow-up formula
  • 7-Step process for a winning sales conversation
  • How to handle common objections

Session #4

April 29, 2020

Setting Up The Tech

You want to onboard prospects and clients in a way that is as seemless and automated as possible. We'll explore the tech and tools to do this.

  • CRM and automation tools to track & follow-up for you
  • Systems and website forms to automatically screen prospects
  • Automating your bookings schedule
  • How to take payment immediately
  • Tools for seamless strategy calls

Session #5

May 4, 2020

Managing Clients

Most consultants and coaches don’t create a branded onboarding experience. It's critical to have procedures in place to ensure consistency.

  • How to create a • Client On-boarding Experience Framework
  • Setting expectations and legal contracts
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • The first 30 days
  • Asking for (and getting) killer testimonials

Session #6

May 6, 2020

Retention & Loyalty

To reduce client churn, you want to create an almost unbreakable emotional connection with them. We reveal how to build this trust and handle various situations.

  • Handling common client problems
  • Expert tactics to retain customers
  • Mastering strategic listening
  • Building trust and locking in loyalty
  • Wrap-up and review


Workshops will take place Mondays and Wednesdays at 1PM EST

Duration: 1-2 hours

Meet Your Mentor

With his unique combination of design, user experience and technical knowledge, Chad has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide to build their audience, accelerate growth, and increase revenue using proven marketing strategies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Brilliant Clients is an online 6-part live workshop that will provide you with proven insider strategies, techniques, and tools that you can implement in your business to help you find, close, and manage clients virtually.

Since our live sessions are interactive and action-oriented, we encourage you to attend as many of them as possible. However, we understand that sometimes live can get in the way. You’ll have access to recordings of everything, so if you miss a session you can go back and watch the replay to catch up.

Public enrolment for this workshop starts Monday, April 13th and ends Sunday, April 19th.

If you miss the enrolment period then you will not be able to join this workshop. We don't want students joining part-way through a workshop once it has started because everyone in the workshop progresses through it at the same pace so that we can enjoy the learning journey together.

Brilliant Clients lasts for 3 weeks starting April 20, 2020. You’ll have 2 scheduled meetings each week and weekly projects to ensure your progress and keep you on track. The dates to put in your calendar are: April 20, April 22, April 27, April 29, May 4, and May 6th at 1PM EST.

Workshops are typically 1-2 sessions each week. A session usually lasts up to 2 hours. Beyond the live sessions, you will also be given bite-size activity work to complete so that you take action and make progress.

Yes. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You can read more about it on this page.

Still have questions? Get in touch

Workshops Include

Action Worksheets

Activities to complete

Cheat Sheets

Done-for-you summaries


You get all the replays

What Sets Us Apart

Partipate from any device
We make it easy to access the workshop training with no downloading of any software. All you need is an internet browser.
Each session is live. Interact with the instructor, ask questions, and chat with fellow students in real-time. Workshops are designed to be fun!
When the workshop ends, the learning doesn't. We email you to check in on your progress, and send you additional tips and updates.

30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee.

There is no risk, only new clients to gain! If you don’t like the workshop, or if it just doesn’t work for you, simply contact us within 30 days from your date of purchase, along with a copy of the completed activities and worksheets to demonstrate that you gave it a real effort.


As a student of the workshop, you’ll also be able to download these bonus resources:


10 Copy-and-paste Responses to Handle Tough Client Situations

These responses are carefully crafted to help you respond to tricky client scenarios.


Client Re-Engage Outreach Swipe

Haven't talked with a client in a while? Use this template as a guide for how to engage with them again.


Post-Consultation Call Follow Up Email Templates

Once you finish a client consultation call, utilize these templates to follow-up and engage further.


Intro Email Template

Use this template to reach out to a potential client who was referred to you by a mutual friend.


Testimonial Request Email Templates

Use these a great email templates to request a testimonial from clients you’ve worked with.


Referral Request Email Templates

Use these powerful templates to help you request referrals from your existing or past clients.


More Work Email Template

Use this email template to incentivize existing clients you’d like to work with again.


Retainer Email Template

A great email template you can use to offer a retainer package to your best clients.


Cold Email &
Follow-up Swipes

Use these email templates to reach out to potential clients you are interested in working with.


Client Engagement Email Template

Send this email to your clients after they agreed to start working with you to help set expectations.


30 Client Benefits

Struggling to explain how your services will benefit your client? Pick and choose from this list of 30 to get you started.


30 Ways to Get Referrals

Referrals are critical. Use this list to help inspire you with ways you may not have thought of to attract new  referrals from existing clients.


30 Outreach Personalization Boosters

Use this list of 30 ways you can personalize your outreach emails with clients to help you make solid and meaningful connections.


9 Customer Service Best Practices

Use this list to remind yourself of the best ways to maintain a high level of customer service with your clients.


Handy Client Reply Swipes Kit

This is a collection of email reply templates you can use to handle situations such as refund and discount requests.


Client Appreciation Swipe Kit

This is one of my most used swipe kits! It's a collection of 50 phrases you can use in your client communications to make them feel special and show you appreciate their business.


Client Research Template

A worksheet you can fill out when researching a potential client or company prospect.


Fact-Finding Questions List

This is a useful list of 18 questions you can ask your client during the initial consultation to get to know their problems better.

Keep your client pipeline full today

Attract and retain quality clients, reduce churn and implement proven client systems into your business.

This is your opportunity to uncover proven strategies, techniques, and tools that I’ve used in my own practice. 

I’ll also provide you with additional resources and cheat sheets to help you implement and take action as soon as possible.


6 Live Online Workshop Sessions

Activities & Exercises


Replay recordings

Fast Action Bonuses

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